C Coding 101

Buid your basics with C Programming
₹ 3999 ₹ 1999
6 Modules, 30+ practical topics
Personal Trainer & Lifetime Support

Course Objectives

Become a zero to hero with our C programming course. Master C and its concepts guided by your personal trainer. learn everything from absolute basics to advanced concepts like pointers.

Course Outline

Introduction to C Programming
Installing C
Fundamentals of C
Operators in C
Variables in C
Input and Output
Preprocessor Directives
Preprocessors and Header Files
Program Structure
Syntax of C
Format Speifier
Data Types and Type Casting
If Else Statements
Loop Control Statements-1
Loop Control Statements-2
Break and Continue
Switch Case
Functions declaration, Definition and body and calls
Call by value and call by Reference
Structures in C
Unions in C and typedef
File Handilng
Command Line Arguments
Error Handilng
Bit fields in C
C99 Features